Schengen Visa For Switzerland

clockworkswitzerlandNews: Schengen Visas required for most non EEA nationals residing in
the United Kingdom

Since December 12, 2008 Switzerland has become part of the Schengen Area, a zone covering 3.6 million square kilometres and offering unrestricted travel to 400 million Europeans. There are no more passport checks at country frontiers, but police checks in the Schengen border zones are being stepped up. Goods traffic is however still subject to border searches, as Switzerland is not yet part of the EU customs union.

As a result of Switzerland’s accession a large number of third country nationals residing in the UK are now required to obtain a visa to travel to Switzerland from the Swiss Embassy/Consulate in London.

Visiting Switzerland

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland and you are a third country nationals currently residing in the UK you will need to obtain a Swissschengen Visa before setting up on your journey. Click here for a detailed list of third country nationals. If you do not have the correct visa endorsed in your passport, you will be refused entry into Switzerland and are likely to be sent back to either the UK or your country of origin or normal residence. It is therefore crucial that you plan ahead and make the necessary arrangments to obtain the appropriate visa in a timely manner.

Business Visitors

Business Visitors cannot carry out any activities which would constitute productive work whilst visiting Switzerland. However Nationals of the EU17 and EFTA can take up employment in Switzerland, providing services on self employed basis for up to three months per calendar year without a work permit.

Employees of companies based in one of the EU 17 member states posted in Switzerland to render a service may also work there for up to three months without a work permit regardless of their nationalities. Those wishing to provide services in Switzerland for up to three months either on a self employed or posted worker basis will be subject to an announcement procedure which must take plase at least 8 days before taking up work. Do note that when dealing with posted workers, the 90 days are per company as opposed to per worker. Furthermore third country nationals can only benefit from the announcement procedure if they are directly employed by the sending company and have held a valid EU work permit / authorisation for at least 12 months. Only a company’s own employees can be posted, not temporary workers hired from an agency.

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