Switzerland Schengen business visa applicants must meet ALL of the NEIGHT general requirements shown below:

    1. The Original Passport Or Official Travel Document
      • Must be valid for more than 3 months beyond the validity period of the requested Swiss visa, with a blank page to affix the visa-sticker
      • Must be endorsed with UK residency permit or have accompanying UK resident biometrics ID card (applicant must be legally UK resident) with UK leave validity that extends more than 3 months beyond the validity period of the requested Swiss visa
    2. A completed & Signed Swiss Schengen Visa Application Form
    3.  Two Recent Passport-size Photographs The photographs must be (45mm x 35mm), colour, taken against a white background with good contrast clear/good quality image, printed on normal photographic paper, full face without sunglasses or head covering. Scanned images will be rejected by the Swiss Embassy.
    4.  Evidence of Funds: Applicants must be able to show that they will be able to support themsleves for duration of proposed trip. A minimum of GBP 30.00 per person/day in the form of:
      • Applicant’s most recent original bank CHECKING account statement – the closing balance date MUST be less than ONE MONTH old at the time of the filing of the Swiss visa application. Where current statement is not available ensure that you provide an additional current balance printout which shows your most recent transactions. Cash, and overdrafts are not accepted, nor are credit card statements.
      • OR signed and dated original travellers cheques
    5. Confirmed Proof Of Accommodation
      • Hotel Reservation / packaged tour confirmation by travel agent showing proof of payment.
      • If staying with friends/family in Switzerland: an invitation letter from the host in Switzerland which must be faxed to the Swiss Embassy by the host along with a copy of his/her Swiss passport/ID-card or Swiss residence-permit. The Embassy fax number is 0044 20 7723 9581.
      • We MUST be provided with a copy of the letter, a copy of of the host Swiss passport/ID-card or Swiss residence-permit and evidence that the faxed was sent and received by Swiss Embassy
    6.  Confirmed Return Ticket To Switzerland:
      Must show proof of payment – airline or e ticket or rail ticket (no open ticket itinerary)
    7. Proof Of Travel Insurance
      Must have minimum medical coverage of £25’000.00 and cover the whole period of the requested Schengen visa. The document must show

        • policy number
        • name of applicant(s)
        • duration of the insurance
        • cover details
    8.  Employer’s Letter In Support of the Visa Application
      • UK Based Employer’s Letter of Support must be on original letter headed paper and must:
      • be addressed to the Swiss Embassy
      • less than one month old
      • state position held within the company
      • state purpose of visit and that the applicant will be returning to continued employment in the UK
      • anticipated date of return
      • confirm medical/travel insurance and repatriation cover policy that the applicant is traveling under (if company blanket policy).
      • be less than 1 month old and hand signed
      • be on officiall letter heading paper and showing full contact details and UK company registration details.Self Employed Persons are to obtain letter from their accountant with the above content.
    9. Letter of Invitation from the Swiss host company in Support of the Visa Application
      • Letter Of Invitation from the Switzerland based entity/company must:
      • be on company letter headed paper
      • less than one month old
      • be addressed to the applicant or the applicant’s employer
      • state the applicants’ name
      • give reasons for invitation
      • provide itinerary dates and accommodation details etc
      • confim the anticipated date of return to the UK.

Self Employed Persons are to obtain letter from their accountant with the above content.

The Invitation Letter MUST be faxed to the Swiss Embassy by your host in Switzerland and we MUST have a copy of the letter in order to submit your visa application. The fax must originate from Switzerland and showing that it has been sent from Switzerland. The Embassy fax number is 0044 20 7723 9581.

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